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5 Ways on How to stop Dog Barking

5 Ways on How to stop Dog Barking

Yes, you’re looking for how to stop dog barking. Either because it’s constituting a nuisance to your neighbors, scaring your visitors, and threatening the serenity of your environment.

But dogs bark for some reasons. Such as the presence of other dogs in the environment, when they’re seeking for your attention, strange sounds or sights, separation/caging, greetings from strangers, and intrusion from strangers.

Now that you’re conversant with why dogs bark, let’s consider the five ways on how to stop dog barking:

  • Commands
  • Remove the offending object or entity
  • Get dog comforting devices
  • Dog exercise
  • Reconditioning


Most dogs respond well to dog training commands. How do you use a command to get your dog to stop barking? There are several approaches to this.

When it comes to teaching commands, treat-based training works well. You can reward them with a treat if you command them to “speak.” They will eventually learn to bark on command without the treat.

You work your way forward at this point. Use the command “speak,” then start using the command “quiet,” and reward them when they stop barking. Treats should be used to reinforce the quiet behavior over time. You will eventually no longer require the treats or the earplugs.

Remove the offending object or entity:

Closing the window blinds and keeping your dogs out of specific rooms can keep them calm. They won’t bark if they don’t see something offensive.

Sometimes, dogs bark at sounds. If they don’t like the sound of something, you can use music to mask the sounds. A radio left on can be soothing as well as eliminate outside noises.

Sometimes dogs bark at certain specific individuals whenever they said their eyes on them. Keep them off such people (you should be curious about why these kinds of people spook your dog though).

Get dog comforting devices:

Dog toys, anxiety raps, jackets, plenty of water, and a small comfy bed might just do the job. Sometimes dogs bark because they’re not comfortable.

 Dog exercise:

Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise.  They should be exhausted before you leave in the morning and after you return home at night. Just a 15-minute walk or run (good exercise for both of you) or throwing the ball might just do the job.


Examine what your dog is barking at. Are they barking at your friends, your neighbors, and relatives? You can recondition them by rewarding them with a treat when those people arrive.

Now you know how to stop dog barking. You can as well add your inputs in the comment section.

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